Meet our Team


Cinnamon Evans

Executive Director

Cinnamon S. (Holt) Evans came to CASA after an EMS call changed her life. The mother had overdosed and unfortunately passed one early morning. During the call, the local Volunteer Fire Dept asked if we saw her children. Much to Mrs. Evans, disbelieving that Children were living in this environment they found 2 children huddled in a closet. This was the first time Cinnamon had ever heard of CYS. Two CYS workers arrived as the EMS crew was waiting to be released from the location. It was a horrible sight watching each child being put into a different car and them screaming for one another. When Cinnamon approached one of the CYS staff she was told: “this was none of her concern and to go back and do her job.” This EMS call changed things for our now Executive Director. She wanted to do more, she found CASA which at the time was an umbrella under Youth Alternatives, and began her training. However, there was a change in the coordinator she decided to leave and Cinnamon was offered the job in July of 2005. Cinnamon’s first training class took place that Fall with 18 people in the training. All 18 were sworn in. In 2011, there was a change with how the president judge wanted the program to progress as a stand-alone 501C3 and CASA of Venango County, Inc. with President Judge Lobaugh, Appointing Cinnamon Evans as the Executive Director. Cinnamon has continued to grow the program to what you see today.

Heather Faunce - President
Kitty Richards – Vice President
Michell Hoovler – Treasurer
Sherry Kulinski – Secretary